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July 09, 2022 3 min read

Every year we see a prominent shift in the golf game with each player hitting the longest and fading out all previous records. Season by season, the golf game has evolved to a 'farther is better' approach, which is also applied in professional games and transitioning into amateur games. While physical training plays a vital role in improving the game, more and more players are turning to speed stick training to help them achieve some extra yards.

Given this change in the game, golfers are now trying to improve their speed and distance. Accordingly, they are inclined towards this fascinating tool, ‘speed sticks’. So first let’s understand what speed sticks are.

Speed sticks are a set of weights that can be easily attached to the driver shaft. They are a set of three weights that helps the player swing faster. These weights are marked in green, blue, and red. Green weight is the lightest followed by blue which is medium, and red speed stick, the heaviest. They can help the player increase speed anywhere between 10 and 20 percent, and it differs from person to person. Now, the question is, how can you optimize your speed stick training?

The ideal training procedure!

You can increase your speed with this simple speed stick training procedure. You will first start by attaching the ideal speed stick weight to your driver shaft or club using the adapter that is a part of the set. By doing so, you turn your golf clubs into golf speed sticks. Now, you are ready to undergo golf speed stick training. Make sure to wear gloves as sweaty hands can kill your speed. You may also accidentally swing away the golf clubs.

  • Speed sticks are easy to use and the best tool to train. Warm-up is the first step to ensure that you achieve full-speed swing. Just take 3 to 4 swings using the speed stick. Make sure that your swings are less than your regular full-speed swing.
  • After the warm-up, hold the speed stick golf club in the golf grip or baseball grip. You must have a ground clearance of at least 12", which will enable you to swing to perfection. In addition, if this is the first swing using speed stick, make sure that you are not close to any object that you can damage.
  • The idea is to give a signal to the brain to swing in one direction, slowly increasing the speed after each swing. While most people believe it is necessary to swing with both hands, it is best to swing on your hitting side. Training both sides does not help in increasing speed. It only doubles the training time and demands more energy.
  • Keep a fixed reference point for each speed stick so that you can compare your performance over time. In addition, record your personal best for each weight.
  • Make sure to add your driver to the speed stick protocol. Monitor your performance. In case there is an increase in your speed stick, but the same does not reflect in your driver stick, then it only means that you need more practice.
It is vital to remember that increase in the swing speed does not necessarily mean that it can increase your playing speed. Speed stick training increases your swing speed, a completely free swing where you don’t need to aim and make contact with the ball like in a real game.
Cody Kuykendall
Cody Kuykendall