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July 11, 2022 2 min read

Staying active has always been important; and for a golfer, an active lifestyle is the best way to improve their performance. Most players who have a bad game or experience pain after a round of golf assume they need to work on their swing. But in reality, their pain and poor swing are a result of inflexibility and weakness. Luckily, many home exercises can impact your game and your health positively. Here are five of the best home exercises for golfers!

  1. Split squat

The split squat is an excellent way to strengthen the lower body. In addition to strengthening, it also works on stability and mobility. Split squat works on each leg differently. While it increases the strength of one leg, it works on the stability of the other and vice versa. Improving the balance helps in better performance. Furthermore, the split squat can also relieve pain in the pelvis and lower back area.

  1. Dead bug

The dead bug is a simple exercise performed to strengthen the spine and the lower back muscle. It is also a great way to build up the abdominal muscles.  It enables you to transfer energy from the lower to the upper body, and improve the golf swing. In addition, it helps to reduce lower back pain. The key to getting the best results from this exercise is to keep your lower back firmly on the ground.

  1. Push-up

Push-ups are one of the most traditional exercises which, if done correctly, can not only build up strength but also stabilize the core region. Standard push-ups require strength from many parts of the body and hence are considered to be extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, most people bounce through half range of motion repetitions and cannot fully reap the benefits. It is considered a crucial exercise for golfers as it increases strength and stabilizes the hip.

  1. Pelvis rotation

Have you noticed how gracefully a pro golfer moves their hip discretely from the upper body? Pros can separate their hip from the upper body and build up energy that is transferred into the swing. When the hip is separated from the upper body, it stretches the torso muscle that is loaded with power. This power is transferred to the swing when the player rotates the hips away from the body.

  1. Full body turn

If you must increase flexibility in your backswing, then you must practice the full body turn. It gives a nice stretch to the trailing shoulder and the back muscles around it. Remember, while performing the full body turn, you will feel strength around your ribcage, mid-back, and shoulders. In addition to performing this exercise at home, you can also use it as a warm-up exercise.

Golf is a ballistic game that involves sudden strong movements. It demands power and flexibility which can be gained with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the aforementioned exercises, you may also practice the Glute Bridge, core rotation with weights, Cat Camels, Sword Draw, side step-up, and 90/90 shoulder stretch.
Cody Kuykendall
Cody Kuykendall